DragonFly & FireFly Elevator TFT Indicators

Drucegrove’s color TFT indicators are fully customizable, and at their simplest level offer a wide choice of colors, images, character fonts and arrow styles which can be quickly selected through an easy to use touch screen interface, or over a LAN; it's network ready. The elevator indicators may be configured for lift car or landing displays and can show up to three character floor designations (that's unique), car direction arrows, hall lantern arrows, full screen messages and other pictograms. The indicators are DDA compliant, and compatible with Drucegrove's 2-Wire System.

Nearly every characteristic of the TFT can be configured for individual floors, allowing them to change background images and colors for different ‘zones’. The TFTs can also show each tenant's logo next to their floor. Advanced settings include flexible sizing and positioning of all elements on the display, allowing any possible configurations to be achieved without the need for complex software. The TFT02 and TFT03 have a battery backed, real time clock, which can be set to show the time and date in different formats.

Configuration data for the TFTs is stored on a portable mini-SD card, allowing for easy swapping of configurations between indicators and the possibility of configurations being created or modified and sent from Drucegrove without removing the indicator from service.

The TFTs can be connected to a Local Area Network (LAN) via an onboard Ethernet socket and configured from any device on the network such as a PC or handheld. By simply typing the indicator name into the address bar of an internet browser such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer, contractors and building service managers can access an HTTP based configuration utility and update any aspect of the indicators connected to the network. It could not be easier. It provides the most versatile PI system available.


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