Equator® Rope Tension Gauge

The importance of equal tension in elevator ropes on a traction elevator is well known to Elevator Installers and Maintenance Engineers.

Unequal tension creates vibration and rope slip, which leads to premature wear of cables and traction sheave grooves. To help prevent this, it is important to ensure that rope tensions are equal on all cables supporting the elevator car and counterweight.

The Equator® Rope Tensioning System from Drucegrove is a quick and easy method to accurately adjust and equalize rope tensions. It uses two identical injection moulded gauges to compare, and ensure the tension in traction elevator hoist cables can be equalized.

The system is fast to implement, and the rope tension measurements are incredibly accurate due to the way that the gauges are initially calibrated on the same rope.

This will help prevent premature sheave and rope wear and pay you dividends in the long term.


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