Digitalker® Elevator Speech Unit

The Digitalker® Speech Unit is the voice of the elevator industry. As market leader it speaks volumes for the quality of our products.

It announces programmed messages in the highest quality, natural voice using a digital playback system. Digitally mastered, all Drucegrove announcements have been made by professional voice artists, studio recorded by an expert that specialises in the task. And each one can play your own recordings. Standard WAV files can be saved to the compact flash along with ours. We offer digital remastering of recordings in any format as a service.

The unit is compatible with Drucegrove's 2-Wire System and other OEM serial data (ask us for details); it literally plugs in and plays. The compact flash card contains a standard library with floor minus 4 to the 30th floor plus over 20 other elevator specific messages. If we don't have what you want then we can record it. The configuration of the unit is kept in a standard text file; it can easily be edited using Notepad on site if you want to change it for your client; we can even email you the data.

The Digitalker® Speech Unit can play announcements in up to four separate languages at a time. There is also a dual language mode; just flick a switch. Or select the Hush Mode if you want to down the volume; you can set a separate level for night and day; ideal for high traffic areas when people are sleeping, like hotels.

And the installation could not be easier. Mount it in the elevator car operating panel, on the roof of the car or in the machine room near the controller, there is a Digitalker® Speech Unit to suit every need. Use it on modernizations, new installations or repiars, Digitalker® is the voice of the industry.

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