2-Wire System Elevator Indicators, Gongs & Speech

The Drucegrove 2-Wire System is brilliant in its simplicity.

The range of 2-Wire indicators, gongs, hall lanterns and speech units is the only one on the market to use two wires. It does not need expensive cables, no screened or twisted pair.

The system's 2-Smart IND55 Master Controller operates on a patented 2-Wire Bus System, supplying both the power and data signals using two standard cables. This dramatically reduces the cost of labour and materials for new installations or refurbishments.

The Master Controller is normally mounted with the Lift Controller in the Machine Room. All 2-Wire products come equipped with two pairs of power in/out terminals so they can be 'daisy-chained' down the lift shaft. The system can be expanded. New branches can be added to the network at any time, at the elevator car or on the landings and products can be mixed and upgraded. So when you buy a 2-Wire system you have made an investment in the future.


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