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Since its foundation in 1983, Drucegrove has used its knowledge to produce a comprehensive range of elevator components, electronics and bespoke architectural fixtures for elevators.

Complimentary Technical Support is provided for all Drucegrove products. Our engineers deal with all responses and will endeavour to give you an answer immediately, or get back to you as soon as possible.


Drucegrove combines an ongoing research and development program with an experienced and skilled production team. We provide the best possible service to our customers. We enjoy a growing reputation for problem solving, quality and service.



DragonFly™ multimedia TFT elevator Displays are fully customisable, and are available in sizes from 5.7″ upwards, and are capable of showing the elevator position and status information mixed with live multimedia content.


FireFly™ TFT position indicators are available in 4.3″, 5.7″ and 7″ screen sizes, and come with a host of pre-loaded features, including on-the-fly colour, font, orientation options and a built in library of over 200 messages.


Drucegrove’s range of 2-Wire TFT displays, position indicators, gongs, lanterns and speech units are powered and receive elevator data signals from our unique patented bus that requires just two standard cables.


The Digitalker® elevator speech announcer plays back high quality digital elevator announcements recorded by professional voice artists in a professional studio.


The Equator® Rope Tensioning System is a quick and easy method to accurately adjust and equalise rope tensions using two identical injection moulded gauges.


portfolio img 1

Tower 42, London

47 Floors, 21 Elevators

Large number of LCDs, Speech Units and Landing Push Stations were installed in the building.

portfolio img 2

Westfield Center, London

34 Speech Units installed at the well-known mall in Stratford.
portfolio img 3

University Hospital of Wales

This hospital counts with over 300 elevators. Survey & supply of all indicators and fixtures in the entire site.

portfolio img 4

Mass Transit Railway, Hong Kong

They are now using our bespoke high resolution Dot-Matrix information Displays and Speech Units programmed in English & Cantonese.

portfolio img 3

MesseTurm, Frankfurt

64 Floors

PIs throughout on all Landings and Cars

portfolio img 4

Mass Transit Railway, Singapore.

As a result of success at Hong Kong using Drucegrove products, a good number of Speech Units Indicators and Fixtures were supplied for this project.

portfolio img 1

Housing and Development Board

320 Elevators were supplied with Speech Units programmed in Malaysian (Bahasa), Cantonese, Tamil & English.

portfolio img 2

JP Morgan,
UK Headquarters,
Canary Wharf, London

PIs throughout on all cars


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